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Sticking it back together?

After all of this it has to be stuck together. We are dealing with an item that is designed to be shook or tilted.

Does anyone know what adhesive is used to secure ribbon cables, batteries etc?

Cyanoacrylate is too hard and this stuff is a little rubbbery but not too strong to be peeled away.

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Secure it with Kapton tape or double sided tape if you feel the need to do this. It's not needed, but some people seem to prefer to do it. The old tape is usually strong enough for one more use.

Imagem de Polyimide Tape


Polyimide Tape


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Agreed, I have done plenty of fixes with double sided tape. For some repairs we sell custom cut adhesive strips, but even for those our guides says that double sided tape is an appropriate replacement.


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silicon sealant

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