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The third iteration of the 10.1 inch Galaxy Tab tablet.

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Self Repair: Back and Menu button don't work. Screen is also lagging.

I recently replaced my screen and battery all in one go on my Samsung galaxy s3 tablet 10.1 inch. Which all went great. However now my back button and Menu buttons do not work. Also if I swipe across the screen; The screen lags up as if my finger didn't grab it. Kinda when you get a little bit of water on a phone screen, and you try to swipe it, but it just won't go. The screen does move just kinda catches, and repeats itself. Also, along with this issue is if I try to type something in I'll get something like this ex: 1223445567789. While I was really trying to do one of each number. If anyone can help me I would greatly appreciate it. I'm dedicated to getting this tablet running again lol. Tried describing my issue the best I could. :P

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Same problem with the back button and menu button not working after screen replacement. Home button works and the other two light up when pwr comes on but not working to finger touch.


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Solved! Went back into my tablet and messed around. Guess my ribbon cable wasn't in all the way, but it sure looked like it was.

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which "ribbon cable"?



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