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Repair guides and support for desktop computers produced by Asus including towers and all-in-one display PCs.

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Where can I purchase a M11AD power button (internal button + wiring)?

ASUS M11AD Desktop power button needed

I had opened the ASUS MD11AD by removing the front panel. When I did, the actual power button (not the button housing) was pulled out of the button housing.

When I tried to slide it back into the housing, it was loose and would not stay in place. I looked to see if I had broken off some tabs or something, but saw nothing. So, I really screwed it up by trying to super glue it in place.

This resulted in glue stopping the power button from freely being depressed. I got it turned back on, but the power button needs to be replaced.

Where can I find one of these? I did not see any part numbers on the button. Here is a pic...

Block Image

Block Image

Any help in finding this part would be greatly appreciated.

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Did you ever find an answer? I need a power cord for an ASUS M11BB, very non standard, super annoying search here.


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Hi Jim,

I guess it can be desoldered and change to a generic switch, e.g.

just review it on ebay / amazon / aliexpress for it

hope it helps

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