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Why is my PB overheating?

I have an old PB 1.67 GHz, and the funny thing started to happen, i use hardware monitor to check temperatures inside my laptop and it is showing temperatures from 49 up to 75 degree celsius. What can i do to lower temperatures cuz 57 degrees as "normal working temperature" i think it isnt usual. Any advice would be handy...

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Are you experiencing any actual problems as a result of this? Fluctuation in temperature is normal.


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i did all that but i discovered also a big gap between left fan and heat sink,there is like 3mm wide gap. Will need a new heatsink i guess...

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hi just wanted to give some note with regards to your problem...you only need to clean the fan and the parts around it where it is connected. Else if your fan rotates very slowly than the normal one-its better for you to find a replacement fan.

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