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A television game console produced by Sony Computer Entertainment, also known as PS4. First announced February 20, 2013 and released November 15, 2013.

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Controller won't pair with Console

So, The Ps4 controller won't pair with the device. To skip several steps YES, I've tried everything as far as pairing the device goes. I even Tried contacting Sony to see if they knew of any other possible methods I was unaware of. This issue is not with the controller itself. I've tested it with my PS3 and it works fine. Also, I've Tried using a different controller as well. I am unsure of what in the PS4 is particularly broken. If I can, I would like to just replace it myself as long as it doesn't involve s soldering.

Anyways, hopefully someone can help, Because this is bugging me! LOL

Thanks in Advance,


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This exact thing happened to me, ive literally tried everything, i even went to the local gaming store to ask them and they had no clue how to fix it, as of now my ps4 i useless


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Since it sounds like you've tried everything to sync it and you've even tried a known good controller it sounds like it most likely is a problem with the bluetooth module. I hate to say it but your best bet is to send it to's expensive but you know that it will get fixed...or at least they will send you another one (most likely the latter).

I hope this helps.

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Hey i had the same problem, if you know the normal pairing steps then i think this will help behind the L2 there is a small hole, take your paper clip straighten it out and stick it in there and hold down that button for about 5 seconds this will reset your controller and allow it to pair with the PS4, experienced this when i bought a new USED controller from gamestop

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I just called Playstation for the same issue and they told me that it is a blutooth chip issue and since I'm out of warranty, i have to pay $150.00 to get it fix.

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It possibly could be the Bluetooth chip assuming it works whilst plugged in by cable? If so I would back up the hdd and do a full system restore just incase it is a software issue.

If you are out of warranty then you could open it yourself, the aerial could have come loose from the jack or the aerial could be damaged, maybe the solder joint to the metal amplifier isn't making good contact. It is worth experimenting further before spending more money on it. $150.00 is a lot of money, you could buy one whole game with that! :p

Good luck.

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