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Repair guides and support for netbooks produced by Asus, including the Eee PC line.

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APIC driver download available?

I downloaded Windows 10 to my ASUS notebook last night. It seems as if everything is good except that I have a message that tells me I need a driver called an APIC driver. In addition, my Bluetooth speaker is incapacitated in some way---it is definitely paired with my notebook but no sound comes from it. Do these two things have anything to do with one another and can I download the driver I need from the ASUS website. Thank-you for any help/advice:)

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I would check Asus's site for the APIC drivers as a first step in resolving the message. Do a reboot after installation and check the sound through the bluetooth again.

Since you are able to pair the notebook with your bluetooth speaker, then the software for the device should be installed. Are the internal speakers working?

If they are not, I recommend troubleshooting your internal speakers first by reviewing the information for them. Microsoft offers the document Fix sound problems.

If the internal speakers are working, then you can review this youtube video, How to fix Audio Sound problem not working on windows 10 that should help with the bluetooth.

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Hello! Try to learn from here: Fix driver problem in Windows 10. I used it to solve my Windows 10 laptop problems.

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