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The Motorola Droid (model number: A855) is a full keyboard touchscreen smartphone powered by Android.

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Water Logged phone (Motorola Droid Turbo) may have fried

My husbands Motorola Droid Turbo was submerged for maybe 10 minutes in a chlorinated pool. We pulled it apart as best we could. After about 24 hours, we turned it on and the screen came on, but we couldn't swipe. Then it let us for a second before it cut off. When we turned it back on the screen was cut in half to where the left side continuously scrolled up, and the right side worked just fine. Then it shut off on us again. Now all we get is a black screen and we can hear the loading sounds over and over and over until we disconnect the battery, We have pulled it apart all the way once we found the appropriate screw driver for it, and I cleaned the rust parts and connectors with 91% rubbing alcohol. I did notice that there is a little black spot on one of the silver boxes on the inside of the phone, but if you open the phone, and remove the connector that attaches the screen side to the battery side, there are three silver boxes near that big connector on the battery side, and the second one up from that connector has what looks to be a little black spot like something popped or fried or something in the little hole on it. Any ideas if that means it's broken, or can that be fixed?

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syrenkeigo, first thing yo want to do is to stop trying to charge it, sync it or to turn it on. That could make a bad situation worse. Remove the battery, post a couple of clear close ups of the issues that you are describing. Use this guide to add images.


i dropped my phone in the bath tub. oops. i am having the same thing happen with the phone trying to turn on, but nothing happens. (when it's plugged in it does it over and over, like what you mentioned.) my screen now does not work at all. i did take it apart and cleaned some of the main connectors, but i may have missed something. i am going to look again.


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Most likely that compont needs to be replaced. Not a lot of shop do that kind of board level repair. I would start by calling local repair shops to see if they offer that service for your model phone.

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