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Blacklight not working MacBook

Hello all

My MacBook Air doesn t working with Blacklight but thé lcd it s okay .

Thé MacBook working with no problem with external monitor

I have test fuse it s okay (Blacklight)

I have looking lvds no damage no crack

I think thé led but i dont know for test this ?

Or orther problem ???



Lvds = no problem not burned

Thé computer is MacBook Air mid 2011


Personne pour une aide ?

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Does the LVDS connector have any damage to it?? Burnt pins?? Was the computer water damaged??


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let's play a game called what voltage do you have on pins 3/4 of the lcd connector?

1) 0v = blown trace or via somewhere. go hunting.

2) 1-2v = blown via/trace from output capacitors on backlight rail to LCD connector. Measure backlight output at D9701 and see if anything changes. If it does, run wire to pins 3/4 of LCD connector from there.

3) 8v = no boosting. feedback trace/via to LP8550 is blown, BKL_PWM is missing, BKL_EN is missing. blown resistor or cap on BKL_PWM or BKL_EN

4) 18-20v - not boosting enough. Bad LED driver.

5) 24-27v - boosting. Your screen is &&^&@@.

6) 30-50v - boosting too much. It sees the screen, but the backlight voltage is not making its way there. bad LCD cable, backlight flex not plugged in, bad LCD connector, burned pin or something.

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Thanks for you reply but where is pin is from lvbs ?


This is going go to be fun... following! :)


LVDS pins are the "legs" soldered to the motherboard


Yes but where is 3 and 4 pin


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