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How do I use an external webcam?

I dont want to use my built in webcam as its only 1.3. I have a 5meg pix external webcam that i would rather use so how do i activeate this so i can use it on MSN Chat?


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Find the driver for the webcam online (or if you are using windows 7, almost all of the webcams are in windows update).

A side note, however, you don't really want a 5 mp webcam when it comes to video chatting, as the higher the pixelage, the higher CPU usage, and a MUCH higher network usage. As you can see here even the most expensive, highest quality webcams are at most 2 mp. I use a VX-1000 (a 1.3 mp camera.. or VGA I forgot), it cost 20 bucks and it works wonderfully.

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I cannot figure this out. I have an external webcam connected and has the driver (AMCap). After it says that it's activated, I turn on AMCap and set it to capture, but then it brings up the following prompt:

Unable to start the capture graph

Unspecified error

[0x80004005 / 12245]

Note: Here are all the system details I can list:

Windows XP 32-bit

Intel Inside Celeron D processor

ATI Rage Pro graphics card (laptop has ATI Radeon X300, but has crashed)

ATI Catalyst graphics drivers

Windows Service Pack 2

Intel(R) PRO/100 VE Network Connection

Local Area Connection 3 internet connection


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Then try connecting another camera or contact system administrator


Try connecting another camera or contact system administrator and you can try disconnecting and reconnceting


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