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Released alongside the AirPort Extreme base station, this hard drive equipped variant offers 802.11ac speed on a time capsule NAS.

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Why is the power of my 3 tb time capsule dead

my power adapter was overheating . for the last 3 day . now the power won't come one at all . went to a apple store they tell me it will coast $ 299 to repair .

can the power supply be change or repair ? can't the 3tb drive be salvage for something ?


serial C86L6FXRF9H5


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What do you mean by "Power Adapter" here. This version of AirPort has a built-in power supply. Are you sure this is the model? Can you give us the product number so we can verify.


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Given how easy this system is assembled there is no direct guide to replace the power supply. Here's the the IFIXIT teardown: AirPort Extreme A1521 which is the exact same unit as the A1470 hardware wise.

As to the power supply you'll see in in Step 13. But before you go there I suspect your real problem is the fan unit seen in Step 12 and the buildup of dust.

I would start there clean the dust out if you haven't already and carefully test out the fan making sure its working.

Here's the Power Supply part: eBay: ME918 Power Supply

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I've followed the tear down instructions to try identify the power issue with my 1470 also as it doesn't even get an indicator led when pluggin into power so assume it's the power supply not the fan, after dismantling the fan was a little dirty but still spins, how do I tell if mine is power supply or fan that is the issue?


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