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Released September 2013, identified with model number T100T. 2-in-1 portable with Quad core Intel® Atom™ processor and 2GB of RAM.

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What to do with the old keyboard from an Asus T100?

Recently bought a replacement keyboard for the t100 from IFIXIT. It works great! Now, what to do with the old keyboard? Does anybody want it so it can be repaired? Just send it to the electronics landfill? Any other suggestions?

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Keep it you might needs keys from it.

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The keys pop off right? Why not stick in a drawer and when key is scratched or ripped off replace it .


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Do you need a creative coaster for the coffee table?

Seriously, there isn't much usefulness left in it, find a responsible source for recycling it to keep it out of the landfills but other than that, its probably toast.

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