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How hot should my dryer be on the outside?

We recently replaced the heating element and a couple of other parts in my Kenmore Dryer (model 110) because it would not start. Now I've noticed the outside of the dryer on the side with the heating element gets extremely hot. I never noticed this before, but I've also never put my hand there before. How hot is too hot? We have also cleaned out the lint from inside the dryer and the entire ventilation system (it is venting a lot of air outside).

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Jennifer, the main reason why a dryer gets to hot are obstructed air passages. Clean the vent pipe that goes to the outside. Check the blower wheel to make sure it is operational and examine the heating element to make sure it is not grounded to the frame in some way. Which should not be an issue if you connected it the same way as it originally was. If everything checks out ok and it should still be overheating (evidenced by very hot laundry when completed, shrinking clothing etc) I would suggest to change out out the cycling thermostat.

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