Keyboard (physical) random gibbrish on key press


my question is in regards to random gibberish on key press on the physical Keyboard, that appears to be completely random and does not occur all the time, but comes in and goes away in same manner (the touch popup keyboard in tablet mode is fine).

I have tried to set it in properties to US english only keyboard input method, Canadian input english, but it makes no difference, only gibberish characters change, also not all keys are effected, sometimes the "f" or the "r" key cause this, other times the "tab or esc" key, and while in this state most F keys ae disabled (ie: F1 through F12)

I'm wondering if the keyboard is on its way out, or is this a driver related issue (as is my guess)?

I have upgraded from win8 to 8.1, however for a few months the win8.1 run flawlessly and this appears to be happening after my last two recommended updates.

I appreciate any feedback.

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