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Part of Nokia's Lumia line of Windows smartphones. Announced July 2013.

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Is my main camera loose?

Ok a while ago I dropped my phone. Not the first time, except this time the camera only occasionally works now.

Starting the camera via hardware camera launch (Side button) or through various software launches (Camera app, Facebook messenger, Notification quick launch). It will work only sometimes.

Would it be worth me getting a replacement rear camera?

It seems to affect BOTH cameras when one wont launch, which lead me to believe it was software related, but I have reformatted and restored the phone back to factory default and it didn't work even then.

So is it hardware, and simply just a loose connection?

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It could be, considering the facts that

1) The back camera module thingy is pushed on it's place partly by back cover and partly by board. Seriously, Not a single screw or glue. since the ads seems to tell the best thing about lumias are their camera, I dunno, a strap perhaps. but nooo! microsoft likes to play dangerous. at expense of customers who thought.. Hey! maybe microsoft isn't so bad. maybe they deserve a chance.

2) A fall might nudge it off its place since it's a plastic phone.

3) I had the same problem with my 540. now solved using strategically placed double tapes.

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So I got my hands on a 625. The camera is rigidly held on board.

If the soft and hard reset and firmware revision with windows recovery tool doesn't do it...

try percussive maintenance.

if the services MS provides is attractive to you, which to be honest, are quite frankly generous consider higher end phones or if you're American wait for project ARA to hit the streets. Throw the milk cartoons one day prior to expiry date, there's nothing shameful about a MAN putting on sunscreen and other life advice by random internet person..


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