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What is the black substance around components On logicboard

Hi. I was just trying to reball an ic but when trying to remove it from the board I noticed this black adhesive/cement stuff around it?

Is there a way to remove this?

I have tried the heat gun at max temperature but this did not soften it?

This is my first board repair and am using a dead board to practice on so not worried about the board.

Thank you


I used a bit of force and the ic came off but also took a pad with it.

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trevor, sounds like an epoxy underfill. That is to stabilize the IC on a logic board. Add an image of the IC, its location and the damage so we can see what you see. Take a look at this video and see if it explains it.

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the video is right. Have been checking online and heat with gentle scraping is the only way to remove it.

Tried taking a photo of the damage but it doesn't come out well in the pics.

It's just one pad under the baseband chip. All the others are intact.


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