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Wi-Fi greyed out, no flashlight, camera issues after screen repair


Today a customer gave me an iPhone 6 which he alledgedly 'fixed himself': he changed the LCD Digitizer assembly because it had a huge crack in it.

After installing the new assembly and booting it up, following things started going wrong:

  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth stopped working; Wi-Fi toggle button became grayed-out
  • Rear facing camera worked, but couldn't take pictures. Hitting the big white button in the camera app did not take the picture anymore. Front facing camera worked completely fine.
  • Flashlight does not work anymore
  • Leaving the phone on stand-by for a couple of minutes will lock you out completely: it won't power on anymore, and you have to reboot by pressing POWER + HOME simultanously

What I tried:

  • Putting a cracked, but working OEM assembly in place
  • Disconnecting the camera
  • Cleaning the connectors
  • Disconnecting just about anything but the battery and the LCD / Digitizer
  • Software reset to factory defaults

None of these things changed anything. I already told him it's probably a lost cause, but I'm curious what might have caused this. I've seen several topics online with people having the exact same issues. Any ideas?

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2 Soluções

Most of Wi-Fi greyed out problem is due to a broken chip on the motherboard.

And most of the problem you listed seem to be a broken flex cable or motherboard chip to...

Take a look on motherboard if is there some broken chips.

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I have exactly same issues but how can we check any broken chip on motherboard. ???

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