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SSD losing space day by day

Hi there... can someone help me?

I have recently added a Samsung Evo 850 250GB SSD to my MBP and kept the HDD as the second drive.

After installing Yosemite and some files my 250GB SDD went to 206GB free space. Shortly after that it fell to 196GB and now to 188GB. No files were added to the SDD since everything goes to the HDD that is in the place of the DVD drive.

What is going on? How can I free this space back up?

When I click on ABOUT THIS MAC the only files that are different are the ones under the "OTHERS" tab... since no audio, videos or other things have been added.

Can anyone shed some light on this?

Thank you

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You may in fact not have a problem here!

The OS uses virtual RAM and each time you run your system temp files are also created.

You may want to get a good housecleaning app to flush the log & cache files and see where things are then.

One of the problems with many SSD's is the scheduling of the internal housecleaning they do. Samsung requires you to boot up with a UNIX disk to run their configuration tool. Here's a link to it: Samsung Magician software. It will also test your drive.

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Ok... got it!! I used CCleaner and it cleaned up almost 1GB of data and cache.

UNIX? does that mean windows? Can I create a boot USB FLASH DRIVE or something like that? they don't have a .dmg file?

Or should I create a Virtual Machine for Windows?

Thanks for the help


Review Samsung's docs on the Mac section on how to setup the bootable disk. It's a bootable image file that needs to run from a CD/DVD or it can be a thumb drive as well.


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Have you restarted your computer since the problem began? As Dan mentions, the computer caches a variety of temporary files as it runs; the temp files are deleted when the computer shuts down. The longer you run without restarting, the more space will be occupied by these various cached files.

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I found the culprit! My iMovie Library was keeping video files even after the work was done!

That's how 10GB got hogged away.

I used OmniDisk Sweeper to find where the problem was!!

Thanks for the help!

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