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Windows 8 / model number g7-2275dx / black case / 1.9GHz AMD processor / 17.2" screen

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Why my computer is really slow?

When I turn on my computer, it got really slow it's not because of the Internet is slow

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1. When you logon, right click the tools bar and click task manager, look what applications are running in the background. If you have unwanted applications running you can stop these by using system configuration. click startup tab when on system config and un-select the unwanted applications.

2. Check how much RAM you have, the more RAM the faster you device runs, the least RAM the slower it runs.

3. If you leave your Laptop on for too long (example 2 days) it will run slow, restarting your laptop makes it function at normal speed.

Also, son't forget about the windows defragment tool. Using this will free up disk space and will improve the performance of your computer (windows - Run - defrag - click tool)

Also Disc Cleanup is very good tool to use as it will delete unwanted files (cache etc) this will also help the speed of the computer (windows - run - Disc cleanup - click tool)

The best thing to check is step 1.

Please let me know if this has helped.



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When was the last time you defragmented your hard drive and registry? Here is a safe website with safe free downloads that will help you with your PC. I have never had any issues with ccleaner at all.If you have access to another PC that is faster than yours download to a flash drive. Smart Defrag is another one Of my go too apps.Hope this helps.

Yours truly, Darryel Hubbard

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