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The Mac Pro First Generation is an Intel Xeon-based workstation computer manufactured by Apple Inc. The first generation model includes the machines from 2006 through 2008.

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Why does my display have a horizontal line?

My Mac Pro with an Intel Xeon processor (3.0 Ghz) is having some problems.

1) I am getting a horizontal line on my display

2) The computer freezes, including the keyboard and mouse.

3) My USB is not responding

Thank you

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Could you give us some more information? Is the horizontal one color, like red, green, blue, or white? Is it there at all times or does it appear / disappear? When does the computer freeze, and how often? Does it happen during any particular activity like playing games? Have you tried using multiple USB devices, on different ports, or do none of the ports work at all for any USB device?


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When mine started doing this and I had to replace the video card. My front USB and Firewire ports would not work and it would freeze up randomly. I still get a restart overnight about once every ten days when downloading overnight. I'm a Limewire movie fan. I leave my machine on 24/7.

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