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speaker and proximity not working

Hi everybody, just wanted to share this problem I had with a customer iphone 6. the earpiece speaker and proximity sensor are not working when I try to make a call the speaker button on the phone is grayed out also. I tried new proximity sensor and a new speaker still the same problem. After hours of testing and replacing parts the problem was not solved. I wanted to see if there is anyone out there that came across the same problem or even knows what it could be from. Thanks in advance.

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After checking everything again the suspect looks like the long screws my tech put in the short hole.

Double check what size screws are coming out of where on the lcd connector plate. ts a problem that can be prevented just by making sure the right screws go in the right holes.

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If new parts are not working you may want to investigate on the logic board and see if there is any board side damage that might have been caused by the repair. Any resistor or capacitor that can get nicked off can cause any number of components to stop working. first check areas of were the connectors are plugged in.

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I got same issue speaker option is greyed out. I try restoring the device. can anyone post any picture of what capacitor or resistor to check? thanks

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