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A segunda geração do iPad com modelos Wi-Fi, GSM e CDMA. Alguns modelos foram atualizados antes do iPad 3. O reparo é difícil e requer procedimentos de calor e separação.

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screen not coming up when turned on

Hi There, I have an IPAD2 with WIFI and it was working perfectly till about a few days ago, where the screen is black with a very ligh huge of blue in the back (I can see it if the lights are dimmed. I can hear the background and can tell when it is on or off but thats all I am getting from this. Please advice if there is a solution for this. Thank you

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Try giving the ipad a good smack on the back side of it. The way that lcd connection is hooked up it can come loose and hitting it can reseat that connector. Let me know if that helps.

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If the smacks don't work it will likely need to be opened up and have the lcd cable reseated.


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You most likely need to replace the LCD. it's not hard to do if you have experience heating and prying screens, but you do need to be careful not to break it or damage any cables during the removal.

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