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Released 2007, Identified by brand and model stickers, and serial number R4416.

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How to remove the Crankset from a Men's Mt. Fury Roadmaster Bicycle.

Hi, can I get a walkthrough for removing a Crankset from a Men's Mt. Fury Roadmaster Bicycle?

Thank You


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Removing this crankset will require a few tools that are only available from a well stocked bike store.

First is the crank nut or bolt.

This will require a thin walled 14mm socket. These come off like most nuts do, counter-clockwise.

Using a long handle wrench will make it easy to remove.

Then you need to get a crank puller.

Park Tools makes good ones. Most bike shops carry Park tools.

The crank puller threads into the crank arm. Use an adjustable wrench to make sure the tool is threaded as far in as it will go. Then turn the tool arm clockwise. Be very sure that the tool is in straight and seated fully into the crank threads. If it is in crooked it will destroy your crank threads.

Turn the crank arm continually until the crank pops off of the axle.

Clean the axle with a rag, and clean the inside faces of the crank. The axle is now ready to receive a new crank. Do NOT grease the axle faces. They need to be completely clean. A small dab of grease on the axle threads are all that is needed.

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