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Fourth generation iPhone. Repair is straightforward, but the front glass and LCD must be replaced as a unit. GSM / 8, 16, or 32 GB capacity / Model A1332 / Black and White.

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iphne screen Dims then reboots continuously

Please note. The following is a full description of what is going on with my Iphone 4! Not the 4G, not 4S, the IPHONE FOUR! I got an Iphone in the Month of Februrary. This is because my previous Iphone 4 had had a broken screen. The place where I got it repaired managed to repair m screen, however, the service was not good on it, and they were unable to repair this, so they agreed to give me a ne another Iphone 4 with the 16gb I think. I don't know there was one that had 5 and that was the previous one that they had attempted rapair on. So they agreed to give me one with higher space capacity. All right? They said they would give me this one with the same price as it would cost to fix my old one, but since that one was bhasically a nonviable hunk of garbage, I got the new one. That was in FEB keep in mind. It worked just finem and had not suffered a drop, or any impact whatsoever, neither had it been exposed to water, extreme hot weather, or extreme cold weather, or anything else traumatic. It remained in its case. Thursday, I had it off o the charger and when I removed it from the charger, the charge was at 100% and so then, I had to go out, so that is why It had to come off of its charger. OK? I then came back and since it had not gotten to the battery low alert at 20% I decided to use it at home some while it was not on the charger and then when It got to somewhere around 9% I think I put it on the charger. So, then I allowed it to stay on the charger and then when It hit 97% I THINK, I started having some slow performance. You know how all Iphones usually get it they are used a lot without shut down. So if I remember, I turned it off and then turned it back on. I might have hit the Home button and the power/standby button at the top you know for the easy reset. Well by this time, myIphone was I think around 97% so once It had booted back up, I started using it. Well, then the screen started dimming, and then went black. The apple logo came up as it does upon the power up process that you obviously know if you still have an Iphone 4!So, I allowed it to boot up. Then, I let it go into standby, and then being that I allowed it to go into Standby, obviously the screen did not dim this time because in standby obviously the backlight is not on. So instead, I just see the apple logo once again. So, now, It is obviously in this reboot loop. So, if I used it after power up, It would dim, since the backlight was on, but in standby mode, It just went to the apple logo, since obviously if your backlight is not on, there nothing that is going to dim. So, now, I look, and I realize that where the Battery was around 97% I think It was lower like 92% and then as the reboot loop continued, the Battery percentage continue to decrease, and I looked to make sure that the spoiled apple was plugged in, and it was. Keep in mind, I have not hooked my iphone up to Itunes since I got it. I downloaded apps, but not by connecting it to the computer. So I have NO backup of all the apps I download. However my old iphone that I explained was unable to be repaired had been connected to Itunes but I had never connected this iphone to Itnes. So here is what I have tried to get out of the reboot loop.

1: Using Home/Reset button.

2: Putting the phone on its charger and then when It comes on again if I have time before the screen dims and it goes dead, I turn the apple off. After this, sometimes I'll actually get it to shut down. Usually before It is through shutting down, It will go into its next reboot loop, but I managed to get it shut down so that IT STAYED SHUT DOWN.. By this time the battery life had decreased to 3% and It was still relooping. So anyhow, I allowed it to charge overnight, SHUT DOWN like I said and then the next morning, I turn it back on, and guess what it does. It works for a few minutes, and then the screen turns darkish bluish, almost black and it does this by dimming, and then when I used the home/home and Standby buttons at the same time for the reset, NOTHING HAPPENED. So, yesterday morning, I attempted this for about an hour, hooked it up to Itunes, the computer did not recognize it. I then connected it to the charger for about an hour, and still remained on that darkish bluish almost black screen. I then took it off of the charger, and let it run itself down I think. Well when I pressed the power button, the apple logo came on for about 10 seconds then it went black. I then put it on its charger, and then the Iphone powered back up saying I think 1% so then It starts this stupid reboot loop again. So what do I do? Well, I had to leave yesterday, so I told mom the Iphone was probably fried and said I would give it a day and see what happens. When I came back last night, it was turned off. Not rebooting, NOTHING. I pressed the power button. The apple logo came up, and it powered up to home screen then standby and then the apple comes up again. So I am guessing that the Iphone is fried. I managed to turn it off last night and just said I might consider attempting it again today. OH I forgot to mention that It said 100% last night, and then went down to 2% with the next reboot loop that it did. I checked the screen for cracks. I can't find any. I made sure that it recognized the charger. It does. So what do I do? I just say, "Forget it,!" I turned it off successfully. I then turned it on this morning. When going to standby screen still on its charger, I noticed that it took longer for the apple logo to come up like three minutes I think maybe four this time. And then the cycle begins again. Reboot, standby, around 10-20 seconds I am estimating, reboot, Standby, and then again, reboot, loop. The battery percentage decreasing. So, what have I done? I have tried to connect it to the computer and put it into recovery mode cause I guess I'm just gonna lose all my bloodied data and so then in recovery mode I start the restore and my computer begins downloading the latest IOS 7 update since Apple Iphone 4 does not get IOS 8 ughhhhhh. So while the computer is downloading the last IOS 7 guess what. The screen does not dim this time, but you know how in recovery mode the Iphone has a picture of the connecter? Well the screen just goes black, and so here goes the stupid apple logo. So while the computer is still downloading the IOS onto the computer, the Iphone has started the reboot. Now I do what youdo to restore. I press home and power/standby button once again, and then screen goes black, I then release power/standby button and hold round home button down, and I get the recovery mode, and the computer is still downloading the IOS 7 last IOS 7 that is, and then It recognizes the Iphone is rebooting, so I had to put the Iphone back into recovery mode, and then while the computer is still downloading the IOS, I reaccept the terms of service although the Iphone is still downloading its IOS so that it can put it on the Iphone. I then realize I had better stop this before the computer gets to putit on the Iphone and then the Iphone reboots while It is receiving the restore thus totally corrupting the bloody thing. So I download Redboot I think its called? I forgot, but I try to recover the Iphone that way. No can do. Stupid Iphone is rebooting thus messing the whole thing up. So then I have taken it off the charger, and then let it reboot itself dead and I'm still pressing and holding down the power button and now I get the apple logo for like 6-10 seconds and then it goes black and so I have been doing that. I don't know what else to do. I know this last result is because I've let it reboot and cycle over and over again until It gets to the actual level. Please note that when It got down to like 9% the charge level started going down much slower and then when It got down to 3% It took about an hour or so and now I think its down to where the Iphone will not come on. What next? Why is the Iphone doing this? I've looked and looked and I can't find any cracks. I plug the iphone in, and disconnect the plug gently, The connecters do not look damaged. The Iphone looked ok until this started going on. So, is there anything for the apple, or is this spoiled apple ready to be trashed? I'm not allowed to get any later newer Iphones. Mom won't let me. I've told her that with the apples upgrading, it is eventually going to be unusable because all the apps are going to be for IOS 8 only and then the apple will be the crapple. Please respond. I NEED HELP. I've looked around and NOWHERE DOES IT DESCRIBE WHAT I AM DESCRIBING.

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Make sure the top "sleep/wake" button isn't sticking.

You may want to try replacing the battery. *Buy one that comes with a "pentalobe" screwdriver.

While you wait for your battery to come in the mail, you can take the following steps:

1) Power the phone OFF.

2) Clean the the dock connector-socket on the bottom of the phone with an old toothbrush. Get all lint/dirt out of there. Wet your toothbrush with some 91% rubbing alcohol from WalMart and gently scrub the connector. Make sure there are no bent/corroded pins. You can dry it out with a hairdryer for a few seconds.

3) Look into the dock connector closely with a flashlight. You will see a small rectangular hole. Inside the hole there is a sticker. Is it red, pink or mostly white/yellow?

4) Now look into the headphone jack on top of the phone closely with a flashlight. The small dot in the bottom, is it red, pink, or mostly white/yellow?

*If you find anything other than white/yellow on the stickers in the dock connector or headphone jack, your phone MAY have had moisture damage in the past. The only way you can be sure is to check the 3rd round sticker that is located on the circuit board inside, under the battery cover. Removing the battery cover requires a special "pentalobe" screwdriver. Buy a "battery kit" that comes with this. While you are replacing the battery, check that round sticker. Stickers that are pink/red indicate possible moisture damage on the circuit board. If stickers are all white, you replace the battery, and you still have trouble, there still may be a defect present on the circuit board. In which case, you should probably replace the device.

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