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The first-generation Ford Focus was manufactured in Europe from 1998-2004 and in North American from 1999 to 2007.

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brake warning light stays on

my brake warning light stays on cleaned terminals

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Thanks for the info! I pulled er brake up to clean the “boot” the day before I found the dashboard brake light on and hoped that was the I pulled it up and released it 3/4 times. And today the light was off! Will check in w/mechanic anyway...


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have you checked your parking brake?

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Check that your brake fluid reservoir is full of fluid! My clutch was leaking and while the reservoir is designed to not allow the clutch to draw below the line necessary for the proper operation of the brake, the brake light was still on intermittently. It is a float sensor that checks the fluid, make sure it is not stuck. WillieP is also right in checking the sensor for the parking brake, it is simple wire that when grounded will turn the light on.

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