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An Android smartphone identifiable by the model number d2004 or d2005, released in March 2014.

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My phone sony xperia e1's screen is black but everything works

please someone help me I have a phone called sony xperia e1 I know it's not mentioned every time but to be honest with you I dropped my phone in the water because I wanted to clean it I NEVER KNEW THAT IT DIDN'T WATER PROOF BUT EVERYTHING WORKS PERFECTLY BUT THE SCREEN IS BLACK ANY0NE HAV ANY IDEAS PLEASE IF NO ONE MY PARENTS WILL KILL ME :'( AND I CANT DO MY SATS WELL..

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i have the same problem on my Xperia Z3 . i given it to the company and maybe after software everything gonna be okay .if you fixed the problem please tell me how

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I have it plz tell me how to get it solved

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