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Replaced iPhone battery but it won't charge?

I replaced the battery on my iPhone 4S, everything went fine. After replacing the battery I turned the phone on and the battery was already charged to 65%. I read online that you should drain it then charge it so I let it run out of battery and it seemed to last quite a while. After the battery had been completely drained and the phone died I plugged it into the charger. The little symbol of the red battery and the cable was displaying on the screen so I thought it was charging, but after leaving it on charge all day it wouldn't turn on. It was still acting as if it was completely drained - when I tried to turn it on the little symbol with the red battery would pop up indicating that you need to charge it and when I plugged it in same thing the symbol with the cable. I put the old battery back in and it is working fine. I think I bought from a pretty legitimate source because he has thousands of positive feedback on eBay plus the battery actually worked when I first put it in and it didn't just burn out really quickly.

I was looking at the answer linked below to a similar question, where someone says it could be because the battery is completely drained less than 0.5V and he suggests using the positive and negative wires from a PP3 9V battery and connecting them positive to positive and negative to negative on the iPhone battery which is supposed to give it a small charge enough to enable it to use a charger. I don't have a multimeter or any tools to tell which is positive and which is negative so I wonder if just randomly trying will work although I'm not even sure this is my problem since the battery was charged when I put it in I don't see how the phone would let it get below 0.5V.

Replaced battery but phone now not working and will not turn on

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Dale Matthews, you did not tell us i the old battery charge. If it did, then you will have to repalce the battery. If it did not, than you possibly have trouble with your dock connector or the logic board charging circuitry itself. The 9V battery will only work if the battery discharged below its charging threshold which should be around 2.7V

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The old battery does charge I put it in yesterday and it is working normally, the new replacement battery that I bought doesn't charge. When I put the replacement battery in it was already at 65% but once it run out of battery it wouldn't charge at all. I think I'm probably just going to buy a new iPhone anyway it'll cost me half the price of a new one to repair this old one.


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The fact the old battery charges, implies there is something wrong with the new one. I'd try and get the seller to refund/replace it.

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