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Originally released on January 22, 2005, the Mac mini is a small form-factor desktop computer made by Apple Inc. Currently, it is one of the four desktop models in the Macintosh lineup, and serves mainly as an alternative to the all-in-one iMac.

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lost screw on upgrade of Mac mini A1347 (tr6)

Where could one get a tiny tr6 screw for just under the cover. Lost one of three and impossible to find. Too small. Lost in the carpet I think after successful upgrade to 1 TB SSD from fusion drive

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I've had some luck finding screws here:

Good luck!

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to be more specific, the screw set is listed here:

That's a fair amount if you only need one screw, but if you fix a lot of Macs you'll find a use for the rest sooner or later.


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