Is repairing good for my eyes?

Hai everyone,

I have a specific question.

I repairing apple product for almost 5 years now and i just opened my first shop.

So i will be repairing for the next year also.

I am repairing only Apple products. iPhone - iPad etc..

Is repairing bad for you eyes?

I mean i am now young (27 years) but for the future i don't know.

I do see that i have light grey ring around my eyes.

What is your advise?

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Well that brings up the old question of "can it just do it till I need glasses".

iFixit sells several products that can help, here's the jewelers headband: Head Magnifier

This is a cheap alternative, a small table magnifying lamp: Illuminated Magnifier Table Lamp

You can get a nice one on wheels with a much larger lens or a table top broken arm magnify lamp as seen here:

For close work I have stayed away from the Laser surgery to correct my vision. Fortunately as I have gotten older my near vision has improved dramatically, but I am nearsighted. I have to remove my glasses now for almost all repairs.

Illuminated Magnifier Table Lamp Imagem


Illuminated Magnifier Table Lamp


Head Magnifier Imagem


Head Magnifier


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If you are not straining your eyes to see small objects, and are wearing some form of eye protecting when repairing cracked glass, you should be fine. I use a lit magnifying glass to deal with really small items, makes it easier to see those small screws. I also wear just some protection glasses when removing broken glass. If you're prying up iPad screens, it's easy to create more cracks and get a glass dust to come off of the screen, so eyewear prevents any of this glass from getting into your eyes. Either that, or taping badly cracked screens.

These are just my notes on protecting eyes after several years of repair experience.

Hope this Helps

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appledem, no it is not. For the "light grey ring around my eyes." you do want to see an ophthalmologists.

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Heck no. I stare down a microscope all day. My vision has taken a dive since I started this

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