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iPhone 5c home button unresponsive

Hi, I've got a 5c with an unresponsive home button, was fine before I changed the screen and dock, since then I've changed the home button flex cable and loudspeaker.

I've stripped it down twice and rebuilt, still to no avail.

I was wondering if there are any further parts that could affect the home button working?

I've ordered a new charging dock part and home button,

but need to know if there is anything else to check or change?

I don't believe I have damaged anything or caused static damage

Many thanks

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The home button works by making contact with 2 pins on the dock connector flex. You can see them around where the home button flex metal pads are suppose to land when the screen is closed. On the dock flex side, they look like 2 metal pins that stick out. If you actually bridge them, the home button activates. With the phone on, try bridging it with a paperclip or knife, it should activate the home button. If it doesn't, it's probably a bad dock flex. If it does work, it just might be that the home button flex is not making contact with the dock side. Could also be that the home button flex was damaged.

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Since you ordered a new charging dock, try to overlay it over the exiting one in your iPhone, connect it, and short the 2 golden prongs of the home button like Patrick said (they are at the end of a flat cable, included in your charging dock assembly).

If the home button function works, try again with the old charging dock.

If it works too, the issue is with your home button flex cable not working or not making contact with the prongs.

If neither charging dock work by shorting, your issue is further down the line, on the logic board. At this point, you need to use good magnification (10x is a minimum, 20x is ok) to examine all visible parts of the logic board, especially around the battery and charging dock connectors. If you see anything damaged, part broken off, or missing, try to upload a good quality picture and we'll take it from there.

Good luck.

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i changed a screen also and now the home button and speaker are not working.

some videos have said that resistors can be knocked off when taking out the battery carelessly.

i think its the gold pin wires sticking out not contacting the home button but that doesn't explain the speaker. I think its the whole charging dock part that has the ribbon flex included.

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thanks guys.

excellent responses and advice.

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