Model Number: 7DTB39 / 8 gigabyte tablet / 7", 1024 X 600 screen

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Why won't my Hipstreet Titan 2 HD turn on?

My tablet will not turn on even though I charged it overnight.

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I have posted a link below for a troubleshooting guide that should walk you through the possible causes of this issue you are experiencing. It is possible that it could be a faulty battery and/or screen. In this case, there are guides linked within this troubleshooting page that will show you how to replace them. I hope this helps you with your issue!

Hipstreet Titan 2 HD Troubleshooting

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Press and hold the power button for 15 seconds. Walla

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That doesn't work- anything else?


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cant turn wifi on hipstreet titan2 tried resetting please? anyone?

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