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Comment je peux repérer se problème?

j'ai une Renault Mégane II coupé cabriolet année 2006 boite automatique, j'ai un petit problemme au niveau de la boite a vitesse ( 2 fois cette semaines). La première fois, je roulais à 90 km/h et d'un coup y'avait un bruit est la boite a vitesse en mode dégradé. Le message "Boites de vitesses à contrôler" est apparu sur l'ordinateur de bord. En m’arrêtant, Je décide alors de couper le moteur et en redémarrant, plus aucun message et je suis reparti comme si de rien n'était.

Aujourd'hui, meme chose sauf qu'il n'y a pas eu de bruit. le message boite a vitesse a contrôler est apparu sur l’écran, je coupe le moteur je redémarre, plus aucun message.

Je voulais donc avoir votre avis : réel problème mécanique ou petit problème électronique ?

Merci, a tres bientot

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I have a Convertible Renault Megane II Coupe 2006 model.

Twice this week I've had an issue with the gear box.

First time I was driving at 90Km/Hr = 55MPH, when I heard a strange sound, (I think he said the gear box changed gears alone? to a lower gear) and a message appeared "Check Gear Box." I pulled over, turned off the car, then back on and the message disappeared, so I went on my way.

Second time today it happened without a sound this time, and has the same message.

I would like to hear the opinion of someone who knows or have seen this before: would it be a serious mechanical problem or may just an electronic bug easy to fix?


OK this is a common problem with this gearbox ,the truth is Renault say never change the fluid just top it up when required ,

Every other automatic gearbox manufacturer in the world will you to change the fluid at 30,000 miles the reason for this is that debris from the clutch packs with the steel spacers and the drive bands builds up in the system and blocks oilways it also causes damage to valves /valve body /seals/solinoid valves/bearings/bushings /and torque converter plus the internal filter blocks up.

This gear box has a condition counter it checks the condition of the fluid when it gets thin it flags up limp mode .

The unit suffers from poor cooling if you read the hand book it will say driving to long on the motorway /to long in traffic and pulling to much weight will cause limp mode .

They make this unit difficult to for the owner to check the fluid level because there is no information on how this.


It also has a problem with the EMV valves , the 2valves that control the pressure ,get the fluid changed and get the counter reset and only use fully synthetic fluid ,these units are designed for the dealers to service that's why there is no dip stick and no information for the owner on how to do this .

I have the service PDF on this unit so I know what goes wrong with it !


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Problem is your question is in French , get someone to translate it then we can he'll you !

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