won't boot after screen replacement


I've repaired hundreds of iPads of the 2/3/4 model variety. I've never run into something like this. I removed the digitizer without incident. I unplugged and removed the LCD like I always do. I cleaned the old adhesive off the bezel and replaced the plastic frame. I then plugged in the new digitizer and the original LCD to test the new digitizer. The iPad won't boot up. It does nothing when I hold the power button alone or when I hold the power button with the home button. When I plug in into a charger (AC power, not computer) The white Apple comes on the screen as if it's booting up, it stays on the screen for about 20 seconds and then it disappears and shows the small white wheel you'd see when you power down. Sometimes it flashes the dead battery icon (not the dead battery/plug in icon, just the icon you would see if it was plugged in a charging a dead battery). Then the cycle repeats with the Apple coming back on the screen. I always take great care when removing iPad screens and nothing unusual happened that would make me think that I damaged something while removing the screen or cleaning the bezel. I left it plugged in for over an hour because I was unsure if the battery was totally drained but that changed nothing.

I'd love some help on this. I'm supposed to return it to the customer tomorrow. Thanks!

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Well, I'm guessing some time between when I turned off the iPad to remove the digitizer and when I turned it back on that iOS became corrupted. I could not even get the iPad into recovery mode. Strange. Luckily the customer was understanding.


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