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A Bluetooth speaker for mobile devices and tablets that can make phone calls for the paired device . Released in Fall 2014.

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Why isn't it my JBL Charge II powering on?

Just purchased this Bluetooth speaker and it's not powering on. I've charged it for the recommended time and when I press the power button, the light flashes on then goes off. Connecting it with my iPhone, to test its charging abilities, I have to hold down the button in order for a discharge to go to the phone. I may have a defective problem but I wanted to see if a solution as to how to fix this issue was here first.


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I bought my JBL Charge 2 in the states last year. Everything Ok with this so far - I only use when rarely away from home, so no more than 30hours use- charged 3 or 4 times max. On holiday this week used for 3 hours yesterday woke up this morning and the thing is dead. Maybe I asked too much of the wee thing. If the battery is dead, then the product is pathetic in this day and age. What a waste of money. Would JBL still honour my guarantee if I bought in USA and live in U.K.?


Carrolldavid, You really should have posted as a question, if needed an answer, as very few ifixit volunteer's would bother looking at comments!

This info. from jbl site. perhaps the link below will help.

What about International customers?

For customers outside of the United States, the authorized JBL Professional distributor in your country handles all warranty issues. For more information, check out the Contact Us area of our Site to locate the JBL Professional distributor in your country. is the warranty period?


Why my Jbl charge 2 is not getting charge either working I'm trying to change it but it's not getting and it's making weird noise


Where you ever able to find a fix? I have the exactly same problem.


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Same here after I dropped it, 2 years warranty this was a replacement for a dropped Jbl Charge 1, it was replaced instantly at there service department without question, I dont think i want to open it to take a look in case they dont change it again, if only i can find the receipt....

There is a teardown in french on youtube but i cant even get the ends off.

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your ends are probably like mine held on by 4 screws that screw towards the ends from under the front and back covers 2 front 2 back on each end.


I've been having mine for a year now. Today while playing it just cut off. The Bluetooth light switched off with button not responding. You have to hold the Power button for light to stay on. When plugged to mains the light stays on, but it will not go of when you press button. With Bluetooth light not coming on its a dead speaker


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the battery I bought was inverted. You must invert black and red conductors to have good polarities

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