Low wifi signal, also drops off

Hi, I just fitted a new housing and power button flex cable then put it all back together nicely, but now my wifi doesn't find any networks and when it does it's always really low and drops off. Does anyone have any idea on what the problem may be? I'm going to open it up again to see if anything is loose, if anyone else has some suggestions, thanks

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Being that you just replaced the housing, you might have damaged the wifi antenna that sits above the battery and is connected to the logic board. I would recommend replacing the antenna since it only costs $19.95 from ifixit (iPhone 5 Wi-Fi Antenna)

Also, here is the repair guide for your convenience: iPhone 5 Wi-Fi Antenna Replacement

Hope everything works out and please keep us updated as to your results.

iPhone 5 Wi-Fi Antenna Imagem


iPhone 5 Wi-Fi Antenna


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Remove the board, follow the iPhone 5 Wi-Fi antenna replacement guide to see where the antenna connects on the top but back side of the board (no pun intended).

Either you

1/ Forgot to transfer that antenna, or

2/ Forgot to connect it (most common) to the board, or

3/ Torn it in which case you need to replace it, or

4/ Broke the antenna connector on the board, or

5/ Damaged other tiny components on the board relating to Wi-Fi reception.

Usually it's #2. Good luck.

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Their could be multiple issues with it. u could have damaged the WIFI/Bluetooth Antena or its not seated properly! does it greys out on u?

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