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details metal plate covering screen connectors

Curious the importance of this plate and the 4 screws holding it. If it were missing, does that present a problem?

thank you

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No. The connector cover plate just helps hold the front assembly connectors in place on the logic board. Therefore a connector could come loose in the future requiring you to open iPhone and reseat the connector. If ever get the cover plate and the screws, be very careful to place the different screws into the proper locations. The screws are different. Wrong placement of the screws may severely damage the iPhone.

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I doubt it would severely damage the phone to be honest if you put the screws in the wrong holes.

Yes, they may get stuck but as long as you could get them out you would be fine.

The only problem I could see with doing that is that you may not be able to fully re-fit the screen correctly but it would hardly be noticeable to be honest.

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