Early 2011 model, A1278 / 2.3 GHz i5 or 2.7 GHz i7 processor.

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New Seagate SSHD not recognized internally, but OK with external USB

I purchased a Seagate Thin Laptop SSHD (500 GB) to upgrade my factory hard drive. I have formatted it according to all of the instructions I have found (Mac OS Extended Journaled), GUID Partition Table, when it was installed externally. I cloned the original drive using Carbon Copy Cleaner, swapped them so that the new drive is now internal. It is not recognized at boot, so I boot to the original drive (now in USB enclosure) and the Disk Utility does not even list the SSHD. I reformatted and, this time, just installed Yosemite on the SSHD (instead of cloning) with no better luck. No errors when Verifying disk.

My original HDD is still recognized internally as well as a different SSD, so I don't think it's the SATA cable. I can successfully boot to the new SSHD when it's in the USB enclosure. Help?

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OK, so you have the SSHD prepped now with GUID and a Mac OS Extended Journaled partition.

Housing it in the external case with your old HD in the internal HD port. Restart your system this time holding down the Option key so you get to the Boot Manager, now see if your SSHD is showing up if so select it and finish booting up. Did it work correctly?

Here's an Apple TN on the different start up key options: Startup key combinations for Intel-based Macs.

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Dan, as my last paragraph stated, I am able to boot to the new SSHD when it's connected externally, but never when it's connected internally.

By the way, I should also mention that I checked my EFI firmware and it's the latest version (I had seen some articles referencing the 6 Gbps limitation on old firmware).


I guess I needed that second cup of joe as I missed that. :-}


OK, just so I'm clear here the SSHD is mounted in the original HD's port not in a carrier in the optical drive's bay, correct?


Correct, I am not using the optical drive bay.


I'm going to say the SATA cable for some reason not making a good contact or is unable to run at the higher SATA speed. We have quite a few of these and we have had quite a few with bad cables. This also gets into what the SATA I/O speed the drive and the system agree to run at. I suspect your older drive was a SATA II (3.0 Gb/s) vs SATA III (6.0 Gb/s) which your Seagate is now running at.


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OK, I finally received my new cable and the SSHD is now recognized internally. But now there is a different issue:

I re-formatted the SSHD, then installed Yosemite on it, then allowed Migration Assistant to move the data from the old drive (still connected externally) to the new one. Everything works great, but when I check Disk Utility, it says my logical volume group has 18 MB of free space, while the only partition I have shows 185 GB of free space. What is occupying the other free space outside of the partition? Maybe it will help to show my System Information for storage:

''' Available: 185.27 GB (185,274,470,400 bytes)

Capacity: 498.88 GB (498,876,809,216 bytes)'''

Mount Point: /

File System: Journaled HFS+

Writable: Yes

Ignore Ownership: No

BSD Name: disk1

Volume UUID: BF5822F5-EE3D-35F0-9FC8-8F142226F03F

Logical Volume:

Revertible: Yes (no decryption required)

Encrypted: No

LV UUID: 90711BBE-49DA-4FBF-AAE7-DAE6A49B3072

Logical Volume Group:

Name: Mac SSHD 500

''' Size: 499.25 GB (499,248,103,424 bytes)

Free Space: 19 MB (18,972,672 bytes)'''

LVG UUID: E7D9F78D-D432-47D5-86CD-8407717EFB56

Physical Volumes:


Media Name: ST500LM000-1EJ162 Media

Size: 499.25 GB (499,248,103,424 bytes)

Medium Type: Rotational

Protocol: SATA

Internal: Yes

Partition Map Type: GPT (GUID Partition Table)

Status: Online

S.M.A.R.T. Status: Verified

PV UUID: 22AE0D96-59CC-4D7D-AE5A-9FD3C0B70CE2

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Happy to here you got the drive working! That free space is the system recovery partition.


Surely the recovery partition is not 185 GB large, is it? If my only partition is 312 GB large, shouldn't I have close to 180 GB still available for storage? Does this have something to do with the fact that I used Migration Assistant versus cloning the old drive (which would have only occupied 319 GB)?


Your right Brad! Its to large for the default recovery partition, did you alter it? At this point I would leave it alone as you already have restored your files.


My concern is that I have no more free space than I did before (because the logical volume group says 18 MB free), so what was the point of upgrading to the new drive? Or should I only be concerned with the partition size, which says I have 185 GB free?


What was the size of the original HD you had in the system?


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I'm having the same deal. What cable did you buy?

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I'm also trying to replace the internal HD of a MacBook Pro Unibody (Mid 2012) with a Seagate SSHD ST500LM000 and the SSHS fails to be recognized by the MacBook Pro.

Placing the SSHD in an external enclosure is working perfectly.

According to the previous comment, this might be related to the internal SATA cable and I would be pleased to learn the exact reference of a replacing item for this SATA cable.

Many thanks in advance.

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Here's the IFIXIT guide you'll need to follow: MacBook Pro 13" Unibody Mid 2012 Hard Drive Cable Replacement and the cable is this one: MacBook Pro 13" Unibody (Mid 2012) Hard Drive Cable.


Many thanks Dan. I've ordered to specified cable from iFixit Europe.


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