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The Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 is a 10.1-inch Android-based tablet computer and belongs to the second generation of the Samsung Galaxy Tab series.

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Why is my tab just keep on restarting and wont turn on

this is my firstime to encounter this one. i dont know how to repair it.

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please help.. i dont know whAT to do...


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This also happened to me after I spilt a little water on it. I thought I had fried it for sure. I took out the battery and sim card and placed them in a bowl of rice. This absorbed all the moisture. I let it sit for about 8 hours (overnight) and the next day I put it all together again started it up and I haven't experienced the issue since.

I don't know if it will work for you as I don't know all the circumstances but it can't hurt I guess.

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