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Released: January 4, 2011 A Smart Camera used for sharing moments on Facebook twitter and other sites.

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The touch screen calibration is so far out, I can't use it.

There is a screen that allows you to calibrate the display. There are target points in each of the four corners. I went to use them and the 2 on the right of the screen are now off screen, in the body of the camera. Because the calibration is so off. I can't enter text or use the display properly.

I was thinking if there is a way to reset to factory defaults that would probably do it. Samsung has not been forthcoming with any information.



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I too have the same problem but I think so that mine is even worse as when I switch it on it asks me for date and time which I can't enter due to its discalibration and can't even take photos. I contacted samsung and they are saying that I need to bring it to their service center and would cost a bulk on me.

Please anyone give a solution to it.


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