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iPhone 5 no service or no signal.

I had a iPhone 5 with liquid damage. I cleaned all the corrosion and the phone worked all fine.

Now after 5 months the phone doesnt find any service or signal. tried resetting the network settings, new software, used different sim cards

tried another antenna cable ( dock connector )even used another back case. imei, baseband all ok. date, time ok.

My question is which components do i have to troubleshoot so i can find a solution. Which components or ic's is related to no network, or no service. I got a scrap iphone 5 motherboard were i can take out components. Got the necessary skills to solder. got also the schematics.

Hope you guys can help me out

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hj gaat aan maar krijg hem niet uitget en voledeg wit scherm

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I had this problem when i changed powerflex on iphone 5. The screwdriver slipped and it then wouldnt find signal.

I found out this was missing:

Block Image

After soldering this it had fine signal again. Maybe you have some corrision around this area, that has to be cleaned.

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I have this problem and I think this could be a solution for me. Can somebody explain this a bit more specific, what is missing?! I also have iPhone 5C so if anyone have fixed this in iPhone 5C and would be willing to share some guidance or even pictures, i would be more than grateful.


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