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O iPhone 5C da Apple foi lançado em 10 de Setembro de 2013. O reparo deste smartphone é similar aos modelos anteriores. Você precisará de chaves de Fenda/Philips/Torx 0.8 e espátulas de plástico. Disponível nas versões GSM ou CDMA / 8, 16, 32 GB / Branco, Rosa, Amarelo, Azul e Verde.

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screen has vertical lines .25" apart and is unresponsive

Dropped in pool, retrieved within 1 min. it was still working normally. 12 hrs, later screen goes black, tried to power it back on no luck. Got tools and dry bag, opened it up separated screen from chassis and dried overnight. Reassembled and it came on while I was still assembling. Now the screen has vertical lines 1/4" apart and is unresponsive to the touch. I powered it off using home and power. Help.

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I followed your advice. I opened it up disconnected screen from chassis put iso. with a qtip everywhere especially connections reconnected, reassembled and it is improved. The lines are gone and the screen is starting to respond a little. Now I think I will give it a little time but In feel confident it is coming back from the other side. Thank you.


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Hi, I would recommennd getting some 70% isopropyl alcohol wipes and remove the logic board and clean all the connectors with the wipes, if this doesn't work try and fit a new display there is a brilliant guide on this website, could you upload a picture of what the device screen looks like? hope this helps?

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My problem is that it worked at first then it stopped then after drying it seems to be coming back. And is keeping it powered off critical at this point. Thank you.


yeah try so isopropyl alcohol wipes


I think you saved it. Looks like it's back again. Thank you.


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