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Fixed water damaged iPhone iTunes error 9?

Hello everyone.

I purchased a week ago a water damaged iPhone 6 (it has a little crack on the glass too), the device didn't turn on at all. After cleaning the Logic board with contact liquid and changing the battery with a New one, the device fortunatly did show some sign of life!

Now the problem is, when I turn it on the apple logo appears for 2 seconds long and then I get a black screen with backlight on. I tried connecting it with the latest iTunes version (it says the iPhone is in recovery mode) but trying to restore it is unsuccessful due to error 17. I tried to restore it with my laptop with an older version of iTunes and after starting the restore iTunes gives error 9 (hardware problem I suggest) and the iPhone screen gets red for a second. I tried kicking it out of recovery mode with iReb and iReboot but it keeps looping the recovery mode.

Any ideas/tips on how I could fix this before giving up and re-selling it? Thanks in advance.

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Have a look @

Good luck.

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Mostly it happens because of U2 IC problem so change it and give it a shot.


Since it is a water damaged device then try to Red screen solution ,

I'm sure it will work.

Good luck

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I had the same issue which you have, i don't know if you have already solve it or not, but i solved it!!! Follow this video, i didn't work for me for the first try, but after trying a couple of times it worked!

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The link is dead. It says that the video is unavailable. Can you give details on what the fix was? Thanks!


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