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The iVIEW-754TPC has a 7 inch display touchscreen and runs Android 4.0. Some repairs require soldering and careful prying. Released in 2012.

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Do I have a defective battery?

My tablet only works when plugged in, however it shuts off when unplugged. Is there a way I can replace the battery inside my tablet?

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Yes, it sounds like the battery is bad. Or maybe you have a bad charging port. Do a search for a guide on how to take the apart the back and get to the battery.

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If your table is working when plugged in but shuts off when unplugged, you have a dead battery and it needs to be replaced. For the iVIEW-754TPC the battery is replaceable, but it will take some work.

To reach your battery, you will need the plastic opening tool to take off the back cover. A tip for taking off the back: start from the bottom, and work your way to the top clips; this will make removing the back easy. Then you can see the battery is attached inside, it will not just lift up. You will need a spudger to free the battery from the glue underneath. Slide the spudger under the battery (you might have to put some force into this) to release the battery from the glue. You will have to go around all sides of the battery to free it. The final step for removing the batter involves soldering. You should have noticed that the battery is connected to the logic board with two wires which are soldered on. You will need a soldering kit for this part to de-solder the wires. Now, you will be able to put a new battery in its place.

You can use the Battery Replacement Guide to see a step-by-step guide with images on how to replace your battery.

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