Won't turn back on

I got my new screen and I pulled my phone apart changed the screen and it worked but then I went to bed and forgot to plug my phone in and so it died I tried charging it but it will not turn on anymore

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2 Soluções

Try disconnecting the battery flex cable and charging dock flex cable and wait a few minutes and then reconnect them and see does it power on.


Try holding down the home button and lock button for about 15 seconds, and if that doesn't work if possible plug it into a computer and see does the computer regconize it... Because if it does that will tell you the display is bad, or a loose connection, if it doesn't that tells you it's not getting any power at all.

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It did not turn on


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Could have possibly damaged the battery during repair. Also try plugging the phone into a computer and see if you can get any response on your PC, if your pc sees it then the screen is dead or the backlight is gone on the screen or the backlight coil on the motherboard is damaged. Weird problem you are having buddy, hard one to diagnose in afraid.

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