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Can you replace the battery without soldering?

Is there room in the iPhone to simply cut the old wires, strip the end, and then attach the leads to the replacement battery wires? (of course using some heat shrink tubing to insulate the connections.) It shouldn't take up that much extra space, if you judge the lengths correctly. Judging by the photos here, I think there should be enough room.

I read so much about the difficulties of desoldering and soldering on the iPhone board, thought this might be a safer route. Of course, you still need to be careful not to cause a short, etc.

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LOL, thanks Louis. I have soldered little connections before, but had read about how difficult this one was- I guess that's all relative. I've done enough iFixit repairs to know I can handle most difficult jobs, but also that I'm better off to take the easiest way possible... ;-)

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I'm not an expert on soldering, but it seems to me that doing it that way, while it may be easier, creates 3 possible failure points instead of 2 (battery side, logic board side, and then adding a middle solder). With something that gets bumped around that much, it seems scary to me.

Having that said, I believe there may be enough clearance.. steps 18-21 of the guide show sufficient wire length.

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Solderng is an easy thing to do, but a difficult skill to learn to do properly.

If you're at the point where you'd rather cut and heatshrink wires than learn to solder you shouldn't be working on your own stuff.

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