Very useful amendment to dissassemble manual


1. Actually - there is no need to cut the tape around the camera area - there is no tape to cut at all! And so, the way go is easy - just pass 10 mm to the left and to the right from camera and start cutting!

2. There is one trick to pass the difficult steps. Any action which requires pulling smth (motherboard, speaker, power supply unit) from the narrow crack (or should i say - slit?) at the bottom of your Imac is really not so easy.

And the trick is to first remove a thin metal stripe with some kind of insulation on it which held by 5 small (very small!!) screws at the bottom of your Imac. After you done it - it's easy to pull everything! Pay attention to the fact that one of this 5 screws at the center are more shortly than others.

By the way in the manuals i read here before i start my disassembling today, an hour ago, contained advices to shake everything i want to pull out from side to side. It's wrong way to go and it's risky - you can damage the underside of motherboard or power supply unit for example or damage that metal stripe i'm talking about!

Thanks for your attention!

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Which iMac guide are you referring to? (You're welcome to suggest changes directly on the guide itself.)


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