Water Damaged iPhone 6

My iPhone 6 just got dropped into water and i quickly got it out of the water, but the phone has been not been able to turn on since. I tried to completly teardown the iPhone and laid it into rice over a couple of nights. When i reassembled the iPhone it still didnt work. I tried next to replace the Charging flex and charged it for 1 hour, and the phone started to get warm(battery) but didnt turn on.

Do anyone have any tips maybe parts that could be replaced to repair the iPhone or is the phone dead?

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The most important part which should be payed attention is the motherboard.So take the motherboard to test, if it dead, your phone dead.

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Step 1: clean the logic board with generous amounts of 90%+ isopropyl alcohol and a soft brush. Dry with warm air.

Disassemble the screen and pat dry all the water. Don't apply alcohol to the screen.

Reassemble and test.

If this doesn't help, disconnect the battery and seek further help here.

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When dropped in water Must remove battery and full wash.........

Now your Phone Dead

1) disconnect motherboard battery,Lcd Etc..

2) Check motherboard short or Not

water damage 90% Phone motherboard short. If You find When Short i hope You can Repair YoUr Iphone.........


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