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Repair guides and disassembly information for laptops manufactured by ASUS.

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Why Isn't my Asus F553M powering on?

Okay so last night I kept turning it on so my phone could charge, I wake up and it's not turning on at all! Not even the charging light is turning on! PLEASE HELP


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was the laptop plugged in while you were charging your phone with it?


No sir, my lap top wasn't charged up when it was charging it


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March 22/15 at 1:30 am

Hi customer service or Rep.,

I am deaf man and my age 71 anyway.

I have my new ASUS NB PC F553M now but I need to look user manual.pdf on my PC computer. I am very upset.I need you to give me for website like: but I don't know if it is error this.

Can you help me to find correct for new http://_____________________? Can you email me: anytime? If so, I would like to appreciate you.

Have a nice night.

Thanks, Allan

P.S. I am very tired and have to go to sleep right now.

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This is not an answer nor solution, it's a question!!


Still needs a solution, I got the same problem!!


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