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I want to change the screan of iPhone6 plus

i get full daown my iphone 6 plus all brokin tha screan

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First if you have never opened an iPhone to do any service I would recommend you bring or ship the phone to Apple. Hopefully you still have Apple Care if you do it might be free or at a reduced price. Is the phone still working? If not you may have more damage than just the screen.

Working on iPhones takes some skills as the parts are small and very fragile when you have the insides exposed. You will need a good work service and light as well as some special tools.

Here is the IFIXIT guide you will need to follow: iPhone 6 Plus Display Assembly Replacement.

You can buy the needed tools from IFIXIT which are listed on the guide page at the top. While IFIXIT sells parts, presently they are not offering the display assembly. You will need to locate the part.

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what about this thing about if you replace the Display screen it lock you out so you cannot use the phone?


Not true, if you transfer the button over to the new display as that is the part that is married to your security ID.


So can I just replace the glass which is cracked and can I remove the digitizer & screen off the old cracked screen or do I need a new screen?


If you review this IFIXIT guide you can see how its done: iPhone 6 Plus Display Assembly Replacement


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You should make an appointment with Apple repair Store, It must be through the professional test equipment before replace display, mainly including the screen color, white balance and a number of indicators.

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