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27" display with 2560 x 1440 pixels resolution Thunderbolt & MagSafe cable attachments

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There is no display on power up

I have a thunderbolt display which does not display on power up. Is this a common fault and can it be fixed?

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I believe this is a common issue. I have a similar problem --

--If I had the monitor set to the highest brightness or 1 less than highest, it would blink and then finally get to black over a span of 20 minutes. 2 or lower than highest, I could use it for hours with no problems. When it went to black, I would have to unplug cables, wait, and hope. Normally it would come back.

--During these black out problems, I would try using a thunderbolt cable connected to my Mac Mini or Macbook Pro, but it did not improve.

--I never have any USB devices or ethernet connected, so there's no additional power draw.

--When it's black, I can still play audio. Leading me to believe it may not be entire logic board that needs to be replaced?

I'm at the point that the display doesn't come back at all now. I even left it outside to get it really cooled, but it didn't matter. I believe there's some part inside that was over heating, but has now burnt up and no longer works. The troubling part is figuring out which part that is. I could order a new power supply, but it's really a shot in the dark and guessing.


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Believe it or not, try plugging the display directly into the wall instead of out of your batter backups or power strip.

Plenty of people out there (including me) have found that there is a problem with the power supplies on these displays where they suddenly don't like the power conditioning from certain power strips.

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Try a different source - see if the problem still exists. Check the source with a different external monitor to eliminate a bad GPU as the cause.

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Someone on another board recommended to test the power coming into the logic board, to see if the power supply is provided the necessary 23~25.3V required. Using my multimeter, I confirmed the logic board is receiving the correct power. Now I suspect it's something related to cold solder joints, I just don't know what part of the logic board to concentrate on. I looked it over, but I don't have access to an X-ray type machine to examine cold solder joints. Any idea where I should just blindly fix the solder points to fix the backlight issue?

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I bought a brand new Thunderbolt Display in 2011 but have not used it. Tried using it today and it does not come up when I attached it to the MacBook Pro and the iMac.

There is no light on the Macsafe power supply to the MacBook Pro and when I connected a mobile phone to the USB port, it was not charging.

I have tried several power sources but no improvement.

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