Repair and disassembly guides for microwave ovens.

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Timer starts, cooking doesn't, timer shuts off. Fixable?

I have the Panasonic Inverter Microwave "Genius Prestige" NN-SN797S (via Costco).

FYI, The SN is inside the door edge, NOT the number on the underside of the unit.

Per googling, I found my issue, but not enough info to consider repairing it:


"the units have 3 safety switches inside. The symptoms of failure of one of them is it attempts to run and starts counting down then stops and resets."

The warranty was only for 1 year all parts and labor, or 5 year for Magnetron tube ONLY, no labor. I am at 3.75 years.

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I have been told that this can be returned AT ANY TIME to Costco, for a full refund, rather than repair. I will attempt this and leave feedback. I would like to fix it myself, but sadly $X is more expensive than $0.


Same issue for me, timer start for 2 seconds, but no cooking. Took apart and tested switches. Primary interlock switch bad. Type F61425U30XN. Fixed for about $10...


most door interlock switches are generic microswitches, common to most oven mfrs, which can easily be cannibalized off junked microwave ovens. just be sure the switch you get is correct with respect to 'normally open' vs. 'normally closed' (some switches can be either, depending on how they are connected, you just leave the unwanted terminal disconnected), and that you wire it correctly when installing it, i.e. connect the correct terminals as illustrated by the original. keep notes & or images when disassembling! unfortunately switch quality (& longevity) has declined over the decades in an obvious attempt to reduce overall build cost.


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These things scare the doodoo out of me. I'm a professional repairman and I'll change a light bulb in one but that's about the extent of it. I just don't have that much life insurance.

Am I'm now told that all those x-ray machines they used to see just how well my feet fit into my shoes that were in every shoe and department store weren't really safe? Tells you how old I am. And just how glad I had my children early! Bacon is bad for you but microwaves that will melt stuff in your pocket are safe? If you don't know what I'm talking about here's a primer:

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